Vertical Axis Wind Turbine,VAWT,How it’s done.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine built by Process Automation

A brief description of the design and construction of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. Built by Process Automation for Global Green Generation as an ongoing effort to better our planet!

The invention is a vertical axis MAEC with variable pitch wings in place of blades. The operational principles are based on Bernoulli’s principles, not Savonius or Darrieus.
The wings pitch is variable and by control based on various input data, the wings are pitched proportional to wind conditions as determined by the control system.
This invention is an assembly of several wings on a rotary apparatus with simultaneous pitch control.
This pitch control maximizes the power transmission from the air flow around and through it. The pitch is proportional to the wind speed, air temperature and humidity, density and rotational speed.
When the pitch control closes the wings, the leading edge of each wing is overlapped by the previous wing to produce a cylindrical apparatus able to avoid extremely high winds. It can quickly furl to protect it in extremely high winds and can operate in any wind, 5 MPH through 80 MPH.
The energy collector may be mounted on a tower of any height according to topography and environmental conditions.

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