About Us

This business is Global Green Generation, Inc. 

A  DBA shall be filed for G3.  The logo is a cube so G3 is actually G cube.

At present we are located at 2138 South Lyon Street, Santa Ana, CA  92705.

This address is the engineering  fabrication and manufacturing facility of Process

Automation, a proprietorship owned by the Carter Family Trust.

The proprietorship was founded in 1972 and has been designing and building custom

machinery for forty years.
Mission Statement

The mission of G3 is to create a harmony among investors, owners, employees, customers

and the earth to produce a team that is devoted to solving environmental problems, food

shortages, polluted water cleaning and clean water shortages.

By producing machines, products and systems to reverse losses caused by these

problems, our mission shall be very profitable.

The primary project in this world of Green awareness is alternative renewable energy

harvested from the wind.  We have designed an inexpensive, highly efficient vertical axis wind

turbine.  This machine requires little to no maintenance, operates quietly, does not kill birds

and can be installed without the use of expensive cranes and elaborate erection procedures.

This plan spans a period of five years with a potential profit in the sixth year of $24 million.

The product is not turbines but the power produced by the turbines.  The company will own all

the turbines.  The power will be sold in perpetuity.

Pay back for the development and manufacture of the turbines will be less than two years

after the first three years of the program. The total payback for the development and

manufacture of the fifty turbines shall occur in the fifth year with a $9 million profit.

There are areas in the country where horizontal turbines are not used because they are not

built to operate in high winds and in the areas in which they do  operate, they are shut

down when the  winds exceed 28 m.p.h. for the older machines and 35 m.p.h. for the newer


We are able to obtain power in winds over 70 m.p.h. as was proven with our prototype in

San Diego county.

Consequently, our claim for producing power 20 hours a day, 300 days per year is actually

averaged including periods of 40 and 50 m.p.h. winds which produce three or four times as

much power as winds at 25 m.p.h.. Ask any physicist. Our 1 MW turbine includes an

alternator capable of 5 MW output.

As with any venture, the better a project is supported financially, the quicker the investment

is returned and profits realized. The fundings we are seeking are well in excess of our

expected costs for this program.

The keys to success are that this turbine is very inexpensive, about 90% less than the

typical horizontal turbine, does not require installation machinery except for simple rigging

and requires very little maintenance.

I am repeating the list of features because they are the most important elements in this plan.

The basic technology for this machine is not new.  Our approach and unique devices

applied to this machine are new and revolutionary.

There are many references published about the negatives of a vertical axis wind turbine all of

which we  have addressed and eliminated.

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